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Derrick Lewis OBLITERATES Curtis Blaydes With An Uppercut From Hell, Delivers A DX Crotch Chop After The KO


Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis does it again. He fuckin does it again. Comes in as the underdog (+350), has what appears to be a horrific stylistic matchup in front of him, and then he just says FUCK IT and lands a devastating lights-out shot that puts his opponent OUT COLD in the center of the octagon. 

Tonight, it was an uppercut that did it, and an uppercut that tired him with Vitor Belfort for the most knockouts in UFC history (12). 

It was his 20th career KO overall.

Afterwards, Lewis (who is now on a four-fight win streak) hinted at wanting a fight with Jon Jones, or even heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic, teasing, "I like them wrestlers."….

….and honestly, after showing off those cinderblock-esque hands of his again tonight, who am I to say he can't land that magic shot on one of those guys and put 'em out?! I think he just may deserve a fight of that caliber at this point! Give the man a big one!

Long live The Black Beast.