Ordering Food Online Is The Riskiest Game To Play In The World

Look at this itty bitty wittle burrito that Torrey Smith got this past weekend. What a little cutie! Just a hair bigger than a normal, standard sized wallet too! Torrey tweeted this picture out and I could feel the hurt and disgust through the tweet. You want to know why I don't order any food online anywhere? This. 

Torrey said he ordered this online and I could have told you that before he sent that tweet. If you order online you will never, ever get the size and quality meal you'd get as if you were ordering in the restaurant. That's just a fact. How are you supposed to know if they short you on rice? Or fajitas? Only a half scoop of meat? If you're in person you can stare through their soul and ask very politely for another scoop. Not double meat, just a little more than what you put in, ya know? Sure there is some decent girth to it, but the length leaves a lot to be desired.

I mean what do you do? Do you eat your Fisher-Price My First Burrito and move along with your day? You can't complain, its already in your house and its the right food. It's just made for a child and not a former pro athlete. This legit may be the world's smallest burrito. I've been to placed that take pride in making burritos larger than some Thanksgiving turkeys, obviously this place is making their burritos for ants. Needs to be at least 2-3 times bigger. Pick your burrito game up, no need for these baby burritos here.