You Just Can't Miss Weight By 11.5lbs In The UFC

As someone who has never attempted to shed any weight in my life, despite my appearance suggesting I am always at the end of a grueling cut, I really have no place to lecture anybody about not hitting the scale at where they want/need to be in life....but I'll tell ya what: missing the UFC lightweight limit of 156lbs for your fight that is taking place at FEATHERWEIGHT (where the limit is 146lbs) is just - it's not great!

Given the tools and resources these athletes are given by the UFC, missing weight by 11.5lbs should quite simply NEVER happen. They've got nutritionists on staff 24/7 at the UFC Apex who work with fighters on meal plans and diets and whatnot to make sure of that - but not everybody takes advantage of that, I suppose! Some people just eat too much salmon.


For what it's worth, I think Alves realized pretty early on in the week that he was too big for the featherweight division….

….but at 157.5lbs, he's too big for the lightweight division as well! Just not a great look. 

The Alves/Sabatini bout is now off but the card ahead of us is still a pretty fun one….