This Guy Going Crazy After Landing The Mars Rover From His Home Is An A+++ Video

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I've been pretty cranky this morning. The kids have been doing whatever they wanted against our orders since 5 AM, there is nothing we can do with them because it's freezing outside along with a pandemic taking place, and I have to wait 6 more days for another WandaVision to come out. But watching that video thawed out my frozen heart then turned me into a puddle as I morphed into Ed Harris while sitting on my living room couch.

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That guy's brain has done sooooo much more work than my dumb dumb blogger brain and it would take him years to explain what just one of the windows on his computer did. Yet for a brief moment we were both one and the same as he was being yelled at for dropping a veryyyyyy NSFW "unfruckingbelievable" as well as lectured to not break the table. You may be able to launch and land an extremely expensive piece of equipment to a completely different part of the solar system, but as long as you are living under her roof, you are living under her rules. Great job by everyone involved and proof that you can work from home no matter what you do as long as you have the really expensive internet plan, which is especially the case here at Barstool since the only internet issues I've ever had occurred at HQ.