#LetsGetRipped Recap - Coley Mick Joined Dallas And I For A Night Of Card Pulling And Boy Oh Boy Did We Get Some Awesome Ones

Another Friday night means more pack rippings last night with Dallas and myself. We also had EIC Coley Mick join us as well as I headed off the stream to make a radio appearance. I was back at it with the Topps Series 1 and some Topps Chrome, Dallas had Series 1 as well and some Stadium Chrome. Coley brought in the NBA Hoops and some throwback packs as well. Pulled some decent cards, I didn't get faked out by the fake Trout auto like last week, and I think we can all say we had a good old time. Let's go over some of the better cards.

I'm a big Lou Bob fan. Huge. Going to be all in on Luis Robert in 2021. The refractor caught my eye and when I saw it was a Louis Robert 1952 Chrome Refractor, I may have done a little Tiger fist pump. It's an awesome looking card. I also pulled a Roberto Osuna card, had to fling that bad boy across the room cuz he's a trash bag. 

Dallas was up next and scooped up this nice Jacob deGrom Rainbow foil card, followed by the guy that keeps following him around. He's pulled a handful of Cal's right in my face and I'm getting sick and tired of it. That 1986 throwback style is too cool also, great looking card. Nice little back-to-back.

Dallas had some of the hobby exclusive packs in his Jumbo Hobby and the first pack got his attention right off the bat….We saw the "Angels" up top, we saw the helmet, we saw the swing, and it was time to go fishing. Caught himself a Trout! Chrome refractor and an awesome card. Anytime you can go fishing and come home with a Trout is a good day. 

We moved on to the Topps Chrome Black with the 4 cards total, 1 guaranteed big hit auto. Dallas got the nice base cards and we did the special reveal for the auto. For some reason the upside down LA logo blew our minds, we thought it was backwards? When it got turned up right we realized it was the best batting stance ever, my second favorite player behind Cal. Sheffield autooooo! Love that signature too. The huge hits out of the black keep on coming. Def worth your money if you can get your hands on them. 

I headed out and tagged Coley in to take my place, almost instantly the Boston in Coley rubbed off on Dallas and he pulled this sick Nomahhhhhhhh card. Wicked awesome card.

Coley ripped open some of his NBA Hoops packs and listening to him explain how awesome of a person Jaylen Brown was to Dallas was hilarious. Noted good guy Jaylen.

Dallas took Coley Trout fishing this time and it turned into a hilarious convo. Hearing Coley talk sports again was great, and his take on Trout is so true. Dallas was spot on with the point about if Trout would have 1/8th of the fun that Tatis Jr. has he could legit be the leader of the free world. Smile for us one time, Mike.

Pull of the night had to be this Kobe Bryant Slam insert out of the Hoops box. I remember this cover and always thought it was great looking. The idea to re-create the SLAM covers as cards is awesome too, lots of nostalgia there. It being a Kobe card made it special too. Prob one of the cooler card inserts in the set. Pretty cool to see this pulled. Def a card you sleeve up and keep in your personal collection.

Coley ripped some old school Fleer NFL cards and I couldn't stop looking at this huge helmet dude. So many questions about this guy in particular. Of all the pictures to use for this guy you use that one with the inflatable helmet? Love it.

We ended it with one last Chrome Black and wanted Dallas to send us off with a big one, and that he did. The Atlanta hat had Dallas BUZZING, he saw the left hand and there was only one guy he wanted it to be. THE LEFTY!!! GLAVINE! What an ending card, and what a signature from Tommy? Really cool way to end the night of cards.

Was a great night overall, chat was awesome, tons of people stopping in to check us out. Going to be right back at it next week and hopefully get some more guests in there again. Like we'e said, any questions about cards, collecting, anything, let us know! Would love to continue to spread the word about cards and get more people involved. Maybe some breaks soon?