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The Director Of 'The Flash' Surprising Actress Sasha Calle With The News That She Got The Part Of Supergirl Was Pretty Damn Cool

Well, that was pretty fucking awesome! Some good news on a Friday!

I won't lie, I'm just a sucker for these "surprise" videos as it is - I mean - the Barstool Fund highlights send tears down my face each and every night....

....but here we've got the superhero aspect, as well, which is just.... 

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I'll take any happy/wholesome video I could get these days.

For a little context, that's 'The Flash' director Andrés Muschietti ('It', 'It: Chapter Two') letting the Boston-born Sasha Calle know that she has been cast as Supergirl/Kara Danvers in the DCEU - which has DEFINITELY been a bit shakey through the years, admittedly, but has a real shot at redemption with 'The Flash' in my opinion. They've already announced they're bringing Michael Keaton back as Bruce Wayne and rumored to be kinda rebooting the universe with the legendary 'Flashpoint' arc….

….which sounds fucking awesome. Let's get Michelle Pfeiffer back as an older Selina Kyle too!

After the success of 'Aquaman' (which I thought was incredibly fun/watchable), and everything we've seen from James Gunn's upcoming: 'The Suicide Squad', I'm actually pretty damn excited for the potential of the DCEU going forward. I think maybe they can turn this ship around! 

(I'm very much just pretending like WW84 never happened)

If it doesn't work out, though, maybe they'll just focus in on the non-connected films like 'Joker' or Matt Reeves 'The Batman' with Pattinson - and that wouldn't be too bad either!

Oh, and by the way, shoutout to Melissa Benoist for absolutely putting the CW 'Supergirl' show on her back for the past few years and making a lot of people (myself included) aware of the fact that Supergirl is actually a pretty badass character. She was perfect as Kara Danvers, and considering the multiverse implications already in play here, I would love to see her get a little cameo in this somehow. I figure anything could happen after this….

Regardless of what goes down in 'The Flash' or how well it's received, though, this was simply a cool moment in that person's life and I'm glad they captured it. 

I'd love to see more reactions to these major castings, especially when - like in this case - it's a relatively unknown actor getting a life-changing part. Must be such a crazy feeling.