Should A Canadian Goalie Be Allowed To Be Named An All-American? We Find Out On This Episode Of The Crease Dive

On this week's episode of The Crease Dive we had Syracuse goalie Drake Porter making his 2nd appearance on the show. Last year Drake had the Orange out to a 7-0 start on the season and sitting at #1 in the national rankings before coronavirus put an end to the season. So heading into this year, he was named the preseason 1st Team All-American goaltender. 

The only issue here is that Drake is Canadian. Does he feel bad about taking that spot away from a good, hard-working American? Or is he just furthering Canada's evil plan of taking over the entire sport of lacrosse, both the field and box versions of the game? We get to the bottom of it in this episode.

We also had Syracuse faceoff specialist Jake Phaup hop on the interview as well. If you know anything about goalies and faceoff guys, it's that they're all a little....different, I guess would be the politically correct word to use here. So things got a little off the rails, but I'm ready to declare it a Can't Miss interview. We also recap everything that happened over the past week in college lax, get into a heated discussion about porthole mesh jerseys, and give a quick preview for an absolutely loaded schedule of college lacrosse this weekend. 

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