My Landlord Has Got To Be The Biggest Dummy On Earth To Think I'd Renew My Lease With A RENT INCREASE When Every Apartment In This City Is On Sale For 50% Off



This just happened and I'm not sure I've ever been more insulted or flabbergasted in my entire life. Either my landlord is the biggest idiot in the world, or my landlord thinks I am the biggest idiot in the world, or most likely, both. Because on what planet, what universe, what galaxy would I renew the lease of my 4th floor walk up apartment at a price INCREASE when every apartment in this city is on sale? I thought the email was a joke. I thought it was a very funny joke. Like hey look, my landlord has a great sense of humor! But it turns out it was 100% serious. They want me to pay more to live in this apartment where I've lived for 3 years now. And this is after...get this folks...this is AFTER I renewed last April and didn't negotiate less. That's on me, I get it, that's my fault. So I talked to them in August and was like "hey can we re-negotiate the rent and work something else out?" and they, in so many words, replied "you can go fuck yourself, you idiot who is paying full price when the apartment downstairs from you just got rented for $1600 when it usually goes for $2400". I'm not even joking. So the absolute balls on them to send me a new lease with the price up even more??? Did they really think I would sign that? Literally the unit downstairs is $800 less per month than it was a year ago, and they thought I'd put pen to paper on an increase? Incredible.

With how cheap apartments in NYC are right now, I'm not sure there is a number I'd sign for. I've outgrown my apartment and I want a dog. But they didn't even try to keep me. No wonder 5/16 of the units in my building are empty right now. Maybe they simply don't want people living here anymore? That'd be the only reasonable explanation. 

So now it's time to do the fun thing- find a new place to live! 

I'm currently debating 2 options: 

1) Luxury building with a gym, roof deck, all the bells and whistles. There are some really nice buildings with affordable apartments on the market right now.


2) A place with a private back yard. Yes these exist in NYC, and when I get a dog, it would be perfect. But you don't get any of the amenities that come with luxury buildings. 

I don't know where I'm moving, but what I do know is my landlord wins ding dong brain of the year for thinking I'd stay here and pay more. Maybe I'll send back an email and counter offer with $1 a month. I'll simply fill the apartment. Take it or leave it. (I think they'd actually have to consider it tbh).