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An Objective, Logical, Sane Look At The Carson Wentz Trade To The Colts

The Eagles traded away a potentially broken Carson Wentz for some average value. OK. It had to happen, right? There's NO way the Eagles could keep Carson Wentz after this past season and recent events. Why not get a few draft picks in return for a franchise that is in a clear rebuild? Well, to the national media and people who are not totally familiar with the Philadelphia Eagles franchise, please objectively observe this recent timeline of facts and incompetence: 

20 Months Ago: 

- Eagles choose Wentz over Foles and give Carson a $128 MILLION extension w/ $70+ guaranteed...

10 Months Ago:

- Eagles front office picks another potential "Franchise QB" in the very next draft in Jalen Hurts, which completely makes sense to draft a guy in the 2nd who is projected to go at least in the 3rd when you just gave all that money to Wentz and desperately need help at LB, CB, OL...

1 Month Ago:

- Eagles front office fire their only Super Bowl winning Head Coach, Doug Pederson, with reports at the time stating Doug wanted more control with his staff and didn't know if Carson Wentz would be his guy going forward...

2 Weeks Ago: 

- "Leaks" (guess from who?) surfaced the Bears, Colts, and a third undisclosed team are in a "Bidding War" for Carson Wentz and a trade with a minimum, possibly multiple, of a first round pick "Imminent". Eagles reported to hold strong on the QB demanding the first round value something compared to Matt Stafford deal...


- With nothing of note being offered, the front office trade Wentz away for a 3rd and conditional 2nd round pick (probably a 1st when Wentz and Colts perform well) and the Eagles eat $33.8 million against the cap with the potential to draft a signal caller with the 6th pick to have the 3rd "Franchise QB" in 15 months... 

Now riddle me this, people, how in the name of Zeus' BUTTHOLE, is Howie Roseman still making the decisions after this monumental, historic, prodigious mismanagement of a franchise? That's not even mentioning the multiple, obvious draft failures this man has selected in previous years (only 1 pro-bowler drafted by the Eagles in the past 7 years - ironically Wentz). Seriously. Does someone have a reasonable explanation why the arsonist who has burned this franchise to the ground is not only allowed to build the next foundation, but gets complimented and fed more matches and gasoline by the owner?

It's insane. I don't get it. I just don't. There are certain sheep that are going to be thrilled the Eagles got some sort of value for a QB who was obviously broken last year, but the fact nobody is really questioning why THE PERSON WHO INVESTED THE FRANCHISE IN THAT QB AND THEN ESSENTIALLY BROKE HIM IS ALLOWED TO REAP THE REWARDS. 

Howie Roseman was GM during the Dream Team. The last 7 years have featured 4 coaching regimes. He will do whatever it takes to survive, and surviving he shall. As long as Jeffrey Lurie continues to have Howie as his personal football fluffer, your Philadelphia Eagles are in big, big trouble. 

PS - Poetic: