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The Philadelphia Eagles Finally Gave Up On Carson Wentz

The Eagles reportedly were asking for a first round pick and they maybe, potentially, got one, kinda. Good for them. Any time you can pay $34 million for a quarterback to play for another team you absolutely have to do it. 

Big yikes.

For the Colts, I actually love the risk. They deserve a ton of credit for how they've handled Andrew Luck waking up one morning and deciding he'd rather watch Home Improvement reruns than play quarterback anymore. You give up a third and a second or - at worst - a pick in the 20s for a guy who as recently as two seasons ago was viewed as one of the faces of this league. And they have perhaps the most important piece to the Carson Wentz puzzle: Frank Reich. Wentz's MVP-caliber season happened with Reich as his offensive coordinator. If there's reason to be optimistic as a Colts fan, that's all I'd be repeating to myself until the opening drive of the 2021 season when Wentz tries to extend a play for no reason and gets hurt immediately. But until that point I'd be wildly optimistic. Worst comes to worst and you gave up a third and second for an outside shot at a potential franchise quarterback. 

The Eagles won a Super Bowl. They'll always have that Super Bowl. Wentz didn't win it, but the Eagles won it. And things came undone impossibly fast. I mean it's almost impressive how they refused to acquire playmakers or stay healthy at really any position group. And now it doesn't even sound like they're really all that sold on Jalen Hurts. Do they take Trey Lance or try to finagle their way up the board and grab Zach Wilson? Do they keep Hurts and just draft a fucking receiver in yet another strong class? Or do they actually hate their fans and wish to return to a life of misery and torment they were accustomed to before hoisting their first Lombardi? The Eagles have reached a fork in the road and the best news they got is that they still play in the NFC East. As long as you're main competition is the Giants, Football Team and Cowboys, you're in contention.