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WILD Video Out Of Ecuador Where A TV Reporter And His Cameraman Got Robbed At Gunpoint Live On The Air

What the fuck Ecuador? The entire world may be down bad right now and being a burglar of any sorts requires a certain amount of balls. But robbing someone in the light of day in front of a LIVE CAMERA is flat out crazy. However, this seems to be just business as usual considering the reporter was looking to get a comment from the dude waving a gun in his face while the random civilian just moseyed on his way because it was laundry day.

I don't know much about Ecuador other than things like the weather is beautiful because it is on the actual equator, hence the name Ecuador. Actually that's all I knew about Ecuador when I woke up this morning. But now I am lumping in that they have some straight up badass mamma jammas that are ready to risk it all for a mobile phone and a couple wallets (including the camerman who did not seem to give a single fuck by recording the whole thing like it was a game of Jenga on Stool Streams).