Tom Brady is Throwing the Receipts He Saved in His Doubters’ Faces Like a Savage

Needless to say, New England Patriot Tom Brady is, and always will be, my favorite Tom Brady. But a distant second is this version of him. Brutally vindictive, grudge holding, score settling Tom Brady. The guy who acts like he’s above the fray and talks a good game about ignoring the noise, but who hears everything. Who takes every word of doubt to heart. And then that mighty heart synthesizes the doubt into rocket fuel like a refinery, powering him toward his next triumph.

If there is any single positive about him leaving New England - a dubious proposition at best - it’s that he gets to show more of this salty side of him. When you think of all the bad gas he had to listen to over 20 years here, between the haters calling him a “system quarterback” and saying he’s a cheater, Ginger Satan spending millions just to humiliate him, and the Boston Globe accusing him of stealing money from special needs kids, there were a lot of missed opportunities to rub their filthy noses in his success. And he never took them. I would’ve liked more of this. But at least we’re getting it now. So enjoy.

And just as a bonus, here’s 10 minutes of Rob Parker eating his stupid words.