"Can I Hit It With A Hammer" Where This Dude Just Mashes Things With A Hammer To See If They'll Break Is The Internet At Its Best

There's a whole lot of stupid shit on TikTok where you're scrolling and see 150k likes on a video of a guy or girl dances for 4 seconds with no creativity, humor, or anything. I become completely enraged seeing those. There's a lot of TikTok that gives me no hope for the future of this planet and the society that populates it. Then you come across videos like the ones in this blog. 

I present to you..."Can I Hit It With a Hammer" 

The basis? This dude just goes around mashing things with his trusty hammer seeing if they break. This is it. Aliens monitoring Earth see this TikTok series and begin to respect us. Wouldn't shock me if this is the beginning of an intergalactic partnership. We're finally worthy. 

Bottom line, you're not a human being if haven't been drunk or high at night and wondered what would happen if you just blasted an inanimate object with a hammer. The ultimate stress reliever. Well this guy Justin has the answers for us. You already saw the shower door above that somehow didn't shatter into a million pieces. Still not sure the science behind that, but I'm forced to believe it. Well, how about a bathroom door?

"Probably shouldn't do that!" 

How about a dish washer machine?

I appreciate going the extra mile here and doing the control panel as well. That took time and effort. 

A vase full of Valentine's Day flowers? Some content for the ladies!

Can't hit that with a hammer. For sure can't. 

A jacuzzi?

Just giving us the answers we need to get on with our day. Can't wait to see what's next. I think I want to see a car window. Next time Elon Musk is rolling out his newest Telsa with bullet proof windows I want Justin walking out on stage with a hammer to see what we're really dealing with.