So I Guess Juan Soto Is Now Going To Get 20 Years, $1 Billion Dollars, And The IP



With Fernando Tatis Jr signing a mega 14 year, $340 million deal to pay a shit ton of taxes for the next decade + in San Diego, 



all eyes now turn to the *other* young superstar with a ginormous contract on the way, our very own Juan Soto.


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Already a World Series champion, Juan Soto, at just 22 years old, has established himself not only as a face of the game, but a perennial MVP candidate. In his first full season in 2019 Soto had 34 HRs, 110 RBI, hit .292, and won a World Series. Last year (the COVID shortened season) he led the league in average, OBP, and slugging. Needless to say, he's only getting better, and going to get paid HUGE.

If you're the Nationals, you start negotiating with his agent yesterday. The Tatis deal is in place, and Soto will definitely demand even more. And you gotta give it to him, right? I've never been the biggest fan of emptying the entire clip on a position player, because as we all know pitching wins championships and having that ace who can dominate the postseason is the most important guy on the team, but Soto is different. Soto worth every penny you pay him, and you don't think twice. He will win triple crowns, MVPs, and sell more merch than anyone else.

How much is he going to get? The limit does not exist. The Nats are known for their deferred contracts to help pay for everyone. I'm pretty sure Scherzer will still be getting paid decades after his death. So hopefully Soto is cool with that structure too, because keeping him is going to cost a fortune. And fortune is literal there. Like, GPDs of countries won't match what Soto is going to get paid. And who knows what sort of length he'll get now that Tatis inked 14 long years. To be honest, that's way too long to live anywhere. Putting pen to paper on living in one place for 14 years sounds terrible. 

So my best guest is something like….13 years, 500 million, and the IP for one episode of the podcast a week. That'll be a smooth $38 million a year. LOL. Those paychecks are such fake life. One paycheck is life changing money, never mind 13 years worth of them. So congrats to Juan Soto on soon becoming the richest man in the world. I knew I shoulda been a baseball player instead of a blogger. How did I screw this one up?