The Padres Are Paying $812 Million......To Their Infield

Lot of numbers floating around following the news of Fernando Tatis Jr. signing that massive 14-year, $340 million deal last night. Everyone talking about how old they'll be when the deal is up, how much he'll be getting per game and all that, but just wait until you see how much San Diego is going to pay their infielders.

Assuming Ha-Seong Kim starts over Jake Cronenworth, the combined contracts of the infielders will be an insane $812 million. Not talking pitchers, not outfielders, not bullpen guys. Infielders. Just look at that number again. You have Eric Hosmer who got $144 million in 2018, Manny Machado who signed for $300 million in 2019, Ha-Seong Kim who came over from Korea making $28 million, and now Fernando Tatis Jr. making a cool $340 million. 

This also goes to show how insane it is when a team like the Red Sox, Cleveland, or the Cubs cry poor, trade off their top players and then say they can't afford to keep them around. Ummm, excuse me? Are you seeing what a team like the Padres are doing? They aren't the little sisters of the poor, but they aren't a major market team like Chicago, Boston, New York, or LA. They're the first team to shell out two $300 million or bigger deals. THE SAN DIEGO PADRES! If an owner wants to spend money, they'll spend money, thats just a fact.  You just had the Rockies trade a generational talent and basically mock the fanbase in the press conference, it's a joke. It's all an act with these guys crying poor. But that's besides the point. The point is the Padres see their window and are going full speed for it. 

$812 million is a ton of cash for your infield but man does it buy some sexy double plays between the likes of Machado, Tatis, Kim, and Hosmer.