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Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Once Got Smacked In The Face By Prince Harry

What a move by Prince Harry, huh?! 

Taylor Hawkins told the guy he was a little tired backstage and he just thought, "Well I'm the Prince, aren't I?! I'm gonna wake this bloody Yank up, innit!" and POW right in the kissah - smacked Hawkins in the face. Hilarious. 

Sounds like a scene out of 'Get Him To The Greek II: Get Him To Royal Albert Hall'....

                              Taylor Hawkins: *yawns*

                              Prince Harry:

                              Prince Harry's (Exhausted) Bodyguards: 

I'd love to know what other stories like this exist about Prince Harry or some of the other wild guys in power across the world (really any monarchs); like who's the scariest dude that just got nonchalantly assaulted by a member of the Royal Family? Those chaps ever punk the Hells Angels of England or whoever in a setting where they couldn't retaliate?! Ever get too drunk and punch a boxer?!

We may just need a buddy-cop show about the poor sons of bitches who had to constantly get in the middle of these altercations to make sure the Prince didn't get clocked by a rockstar or somethin - the Protection Command people. I'd watch he shit out of a show focused on them.

Check out these Foo Fighters performances from that same Howard Stern session if you're a fan - the sound engineering/mixing on Stern's show is just phenomenal….