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Being Gerrit Cole's Boy Sounds Like An Awesome Time

If you're a Yankees fan you should be extremely excited about Jameson Taillon coming over to the dark side. Not only is this dude insanely talented with a baseball in his hand, but he's an awesome fella who is impossible not to like. As Gerrit Cole described in the above quote, Taillon is one the most resilient people you will ever come across. The right hander has been through two Tommy John surgeries and testicular cancer, yet he remains unfazed at the goal at hand. He just wants to get better and truly believes he has a whole lot to offer to the game at this stage in his career. We had Taillon on the pod today to talk all sorts of things. He's just a delight to have a conversation with whether we're talking baseball, his coffee love, bourbon, Fortnite or whatever. Dude's the man. 

One thing I was really interested in was his relationship with Gerrit Cole himself. The two used to room together back in their Pirates days during Spring Training. Cole vouched for Taillon when the Yankees were thinking about trading for him. Cole called Jamo when the trade got done and was so excited to tell him that he knew. He's been throwing with him already down in Tampa. They're boys and it's awesome to see them be reunited. Check out our clip below of Jamo describing their relationship and what he's got on the Yankees ace. 

One day I'm going to discover something Gerrit isn't good at. One day. Until then, if you wanna check out the rest of the interview, please do so below. If you like the stuff we're putting out on YouTube I'd value you very highly if you subscribed there. I owe every subscriber a beer at Yankee Stadium one of these days. We're doing our best to up the quality on that website in 2021 and I like the start we've had.