Carson Wentz Reportedly Wants No Part Of The Chicago Bears Which Makes Me Want Him

This motherfucker. Oh you'd rather go to an organization that is good with a coach you like and is like literally just a QB away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender? No shit, Carson. The Colts are a model organization as far as I am concerned. In fact, all things considered it might be the #1 organization(not necessarily current roster composition) that I'd want to swap out with. They have a crazy owner who wants to win and is good for blogs. They have a good GM. They have had competent QB play since the late 90s. Great stadium. The Colts are a strong and underrated organization. The Bears are...not. 

Having said all of that...this is the number one thing Carson Wentz could've floated out there to make me fall in love with him. Oh you hate me and think you're too good for me? Guess what my response will be

I will try to convince you why you're wrong and that we will fall in love and live happily ever after and then once you agree and 18 months go by I will freak out and cut you loose. If that is the game Carson Wentz is playing, to agree to a date begrudgingly, then he is smarter than I gave him credit for and he is a fit here. Is he expensive? Sure, what date worth anything isn't? That's the price of admission for the QB/girl of your dreams which Carson Wentz now is. And…he's a fixer-upper. A promising talent who has shown flashes but just needs to be saved. Needs a fresh start. Needs someone to believe in him. Well, Carson, come on home buddy. The Colts are the guy you pine for, Chicago is the guy you settle for. Come here, squeeze out a few kids, and have a messy divorce. I am ready for it.