Maverick McNealy Is The Best Name In All Of Sports Right Now

TONS of stuff happened in the golf world this past weekend at Pebble Beach. We had Jordan Spieth kinda sorta back (again), Daniel Berger's tournament-winning eagle putt on the iconic 18th hole, Nate Lashley having a full blown meltdown on the 16th hole and tonsssssss more. But my main takeaway from this weekend is that Maverick McNealy has the best name in all of sports right now. I don't even know who would be a close second. If your name is Maverick, you're already in prime position to have a great name and then throw in some alliteration with McNealy and boom, best name on sports. Fun fact about Maverick McNealy is that he grew up literally on Pebble Beach in a 98 million dollar house. True story. It's for sale if you've got some spare change jingling around in your pocket.

We talk about everything I mentioned above in the latest Fore Play episode.