This Is The Most Unfortunate Proposal These Eyes Have Ever Seen, YIKES


I cannot believe I forgot to blog this earlier today because oh my goodness I live for that awkwardness. Her skating off, him trying to skate after her but having zero ability to, the entire thing is Scott's Tots level of cringe and I want to melt it down in a spoon and smoke it right up. I wish I got it up earlier but I think there was something in the water in NYC because Pat forgot to blog Twerk Tuesday



and I forgot to blog this proposal video. It kinda worked out though because before I didn't really have an angle for the blog. But now I do, and it's the fact I almost let it slip away but I remembered at the last second. Now it's 11:51PM, I was about to put on an episode of Survivor, pop a couple of Tylenol PMs (I'm uhhh...sick? *cough cough*) and dream of sandy beaches and live poker tournaments (preferably in the same place. Aruba. I want to go back to Aruba). 

I also like blogging at night because they feel more free. Like, you don't have to adhere to the same rules as a 9-5 blog. It's not even true, we don't even have rules, but it definitely feels like night hours are more anything goes. Like these are ECW hours. Large just blogged about his dog's pussy. Things of that nature, if you will.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good day. Life can be tough. Take it one step at a time. Remember to hydrate, get sunshine, and exercise. Very important, especially in the winter. And be nice to people too. That is always good.

Get some sleep now. Xoxo.