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Doesn't Matter Where, When or Even The Sport, Brady Will Always Torment The Pegula Family Until Time Is No More

As human beings we need some sort of balance in the universe to let us know the world isn't completely going to shit. The moment that balance tips and destabilizes, we lose order. The Pegula family/Bills' constant and perennial hell when dealing with the name 'Brady' will live on until the world is ashes. Doesn't matter what sport or country, they just cannot overcome the last name Brady. I'd be surprised if you were allowed to say that name in the Pegula household without being scolded. In this instance we're not dealing with Tom, but instead Jennifer. The 22nd overall seed Jennifer Brady seed took out Jessica Pegula, the daughter of Bills/Sabres owners Kim and Terry, last night in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open. Cruel but also poetic. 

Pegula started fast and raced to a 6-4 first set victory, but Brady found her form and steam rolled her good friend over the final 2 sets. That form has allowed her to dominate over the few few years and helped her reach the Aussie semis for the 2nd time in her career. Awaiting her, however, won't be the 1 seed Ash Barty, but instead Karolína Muchová who grabbed a big upset last night taking out the Aussie. That match will be played tonight following Serena-Osaka at 10:00 and it's going to have fans! We could be looking at an all USA Australian Open finals on the women's side, which would be exciting if that didn't mean Serena. Let's go Osaka. 

P.S. Hats off to Jessica Pegula for the deepest run in her tennis career. Prior to this the furthest she had gone was the 3rd round in last year's US Open. At 26 years old hopefully this is a sign that she's coming into her own and about to become a consistent player atop the American women's tennis game. I'm here for it. Let's make a similar run in Queens for the US Open and get the Bills Mafia crazies there cheering her on.