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Shooter McGavin Has Already Fired Back At Adam Sandler

What a rivalry! Adam Sandler posted that video and an hour later Shooter McGavin answered.

What else would you expect from a Top 10 (Top 5? Top 3? Top 2 behind only Hans Gruber?) villain ever? Shooter played all the hits from the guns to the catchphrase to the callback of when he punked the fuck outta Happy at the 9th green. I told you guys that @ShooterMcGavin_ was THE Shooter. Again, not the actor but the actual character that eats pieces of shit for breakfast. It's canon. In real life. 

While we're here I'm not gonna lie, I reeeeeeeeeeally needed a couple of fictional characters going back and forth with each other on Twitter after spending the last week in my house because of the weather to go along with roughly the last year in my house because of the coco. The football season was a nice distraction but that is over now, baseball is still weeks away from mattering, and my Knicks are months away from winning a championship. I need movies to start releasing the week after football season ends so their characters can engage in random Twitter videos during every anniversary and save us from the dog days of winter.