Now I Want To Start A Snowmobile Gang

I don't want to make a big deal out of snowmobiles because it's not my place but the same time I just don't know how you keep this kind of machinery in an urban landscape much less Chicago. For the uninitiated that's in Humboldt Park, the center piece of a densely populated historic neighborhood that's also just about the last place where you'd expect to keep a snowmobile. From a square footage standpoint it's downright flabbergasting. 

You know based on local architecture nobody keeps one in the house. Elevated walk-ups will do that but so will narrow common spaces. Out to the yard we go so let's talk about garage space. If you have you room for a snowmobile then you have money for a snowmobile. And if you have money for a snowmobile you're not keeping it in Chicago. You're up in Lake Geneva balling out on your dad's nickel. So across the board here I just can't trace a paper trail back to where this makes sense. I know they say you turn into your dad as you get older but this time I really can't help it. 

Where you gonna put that fucking thing? 

Yet despite this confusion I'm still man enough to say that snowmobiling in Humboldt Park looks awesome. At least much better than hunting baby alligators and you're friends work co-ed kickball league (PUKE). Fuck that. I'm here to shred fresh powder and hit some major grindage. Maybe even wheeze some juice??? 

That's what it's all about when you get out on the snow. At least I imagine. I shoveled my backyard earlier this morning and felt deserving of a North Face sponsorship on my way in so maybe I'm not the best judge. But at the same time maybe that's just because I don't have a snowmobile in the garage ready to go carve up Belmont at a moment's notice. 


PS - this is my 2nd small-sport-vehicle blog in as many days. Not trying to build a new vertical here but if you guys enjoy snowmobiles, can I interest you in some golf carts?