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1,000 Musicians Play "Learn To Fly" To Try And Lure The Foo Fighters To Play A Show In Their Small Italy Town

Time - A thousand musicians appear to have learned how to play the Foo Fighters’ song “Learn to Fly” together in an effort to inspire Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy. The website “Rockin’ 1000? claims the group has not been to Romagna since 1997. These diehard fans had to raise 44,000 euros (nearly $50,000) in a crowdfunding campaign to pull off the stunt. Now it is just a question of whether the Foo Fighters or Dave Grohl will see the video and post on social media that he will be there — or not.


50,00 dollars?! I mean shit, Foo Fighters kind of have to go now. Not because they want to, but so these Italians dudes don’t put bullets in their heads. They planned this for a year? I mean it’s cool and all, but a year? $50,000? What am I missing? It’s a bunch of people in a field playing guitars. They didn’t exactly put on Woodstock here. But regardless, once Grohl heals up, he might as well go humor these people. And the main reason is because they put effort into it. I’ll give them that. Nothing in life is worth that much effort. They actually care about something, and that’s rare in the world. There’s nothing I care enough about to plan for a day, never mind a week, never mind an entire year. Plus they sounded pretty good. A bit too good if you ask me, but still good nonetheless. So yes, I hope they get their Foo Fighters show.