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I'm Pretty Addicted To Shane Hall's Music Right Now And You Should Be Too

If Coronavirus brought ANYTHING good to me, it was the discovery of new music. None of us had shit going on aside from working from our couches in our underwear, but in doing so we could throw on Spotify and jam out all day. That honestly made my days all the better. I became obsessed with Eric Lindell's music over the time, so much so that I would open up our Sirius show with him when we had it. The dude is just fantastic in every way, and randomly enough, our very own 

One more artist I stumbled upon last year was Shane Hall. I specifically remember it being one of the first 70ish degree days where I could chill on my roof deck, throw back a few brews, stare at the sexy ass Chicago skyline, and jam out with myself and whoever wanted to join. Dude's got PERFECT day drinking music during nice weather. He gives off similar vibes to Gary Clark Jr. who's one of the baddest mama jamas on the planet right now. 

Hall's album that I've had on repeat recently is "West". Check out the song "Black Widow" in particular:

And check out the rest of his discography as well:

Dude slays and his story about hustling around to make it big is great as well. Dude's a marine vet who did multiple tours overseas, came home, and said "fuck it" and decided to chase his dream. He's years deep trying to make it happen and is finally starting to get recognized for being great. So yeah, he's doing what he can to make it in the music industry, an industry that I am FAST learning chews people up and spits them out with the best of him. Ya know how I know that? 

I interviewed him myself this week on our new podcast "On The Guest List…" with Foxtrot and the Get Down! We gun to have our interviews run around 30 mins, but had such a cool convo with this dude that it went well over an hour. Dude bleeds guitar and soul music and is hustling his dick off to make it in a grueling industry. 

Check out the interview at the links below:

Everyone throw Shane a follow on IG:

Getting a lot of love for the new show! We've had a "soft open" on it to put it into restaurant industry terms, and so far so good. Have only had a Foo Fighter, a grammy winner, a top music exec and a recently. Not too shabby a start. 

Also - if you have any music you want to throw at us that you want us to promote or simply listen to, shoot us DMs on Twitter or IG -


Bombs away!!! We're having a ton of fun about this. Just a bunch of idiots talking music and why it's the best elixir there is.