Dude Calls 911 Because His Girlfriend's Cat Ate His Bacon And He Wants To Press Charges




Hey 911 operator, I’m gonna need you to show a little bit more compassion than that.  The guy just had his bacon snatched away by a cat of all creatures.  A fucking cat. Having the best food in the world stolen by the worst creature in the world deserves some empathy at the very least.  She brushed him off like he was a crazy person.  He’s not.  He’s a man who is going through a crisis.  She’s the cray one for not asking if he’s okay or if he has more bacon her can fry up.  I’m not saying she has to send the SWAT team to the guy’s house but at least send a couple troopers out there to monitor the situation.  Make it seem like you care.  It’s gotta be that stupid British sensibility because the operator reacted like the guy had 10 heads.  If this phone call happened in America, there would be a SWAT team kicking down his door and arresting those responsible.  Cat included.  We’d throw ‘em in the slammer and lose the key.  That’s the appropriate way to respond to a person dealing with a bacon crisis.