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The Pacman Jones Bar Fight Video Has Emerged And It Looks Like A Bar Fight From Every Movie You've Ever Seen


Tell me that doesn't look like a ton of fun. You can't. I'll tell you this-if you are 37 years old and getting into a bar fight, you're the biggest loser alive. BUT. And I mean BUT. If you are a 37 year old getting into a bar fight where it looks like a scene out of a movie, you get a pass. That was fucking awesome. Stools flying everywhere, ladies shrieking, and I'm pretty sure I saw D-Vonn and Bubba Ray put someone through a table. It was anarchy. Pure chaos. And obviously it all started because Pacman wanted to drink more...


TMZ - Here's the backstory, per the witness who shot this video ...

The drama began after 37-year-old Pacman and someone from his crew left the Clutch OTR bar in Cincinnati around 1 AM on Monday morning -- and the security staff wouldn't let them back inside.

"Pacman pushed his way back in and it started getting aggressive," the witness tells us.

We're told Pacman got into a heated verbal confrontation with the DJ -- and when security got involved, Pacman took a swing.

"Pacman knocked the security guy out then proceeded to kick the guy in the head multiple times. That’s when a lot of the staff stepped in and my video starts."

The footage shows several people grabbing bar stools and throwing them across the room while bystanders scream for everyone to stop. Unclear if any of the chair-throwers in our footage is Pacman, but you can clearly see him standing in the center of the bar when things begin to calm down.


Hey, sometimes you gotta get into a bar fight and get arrested at 1am on a Monday morning in Cincinnati. He who hath not knocked out a security guard (hope he's ok) cast the first stone...or flying barstool.

I want to guess that in my 8 years of blogging, this is my 10th blog about a Pacman Jones arrest. As I said last time, I can kind of set my watch to it. It's my constant. Leo spins a top to make sure he's in reality, I blog Pacman getting arrested for fighting. It keeps me sane and the world spinning on it's axis. 


PS: I've also ended all the blogs with this video.