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Draymond Green Told Adam Silver To Take His Fine And Shove It Up His Ass

I fucking love Draymond, man. I really do. It’s one thing to speak up for yourself. It’s another thing to speak up on behalf of a teammate. It’s a new, untold story to speak up for your literal competition. The Warriors defeated the Cavs tonight, Steph hit another seven threes and that was that. I’m sure beat writers for both sides were ready to file some mundane stories about whateverthefuck. They should pool their money to pay this next Draymond fine after he made their jobs easier tonight.

This player empowerment movement that has swept the NBA is as much narrative as it is fact. You think Bradley Beal wants to play for the fucking Washington Wizards? Of course not. Anthony Davis had to wait until he had one year before unrestricted free agency hit before he could get out of New Orleans. Without that fear of letting a player walk for nothing, these teams aren’t listening to but a handful of players.

Kawhi cannot sit out unless he is declared injured by a team doctor, otherwise the League will dole out fines. Unrelated note: team doctors in San Antonio told Kawhi he was healthy when he knew he was not. Why is it a player chasing a ring, someone who understands the grind of a full 82, plus 16 more wins, can’t rest his body but a team can bench an asset so it doesn’t fuck up a potential trade that hasn’t even been agreed upon yet? Both are merely attempts at mitigating risk, so why is one ok when the other is demonized? That’s all Draymond is asking. And I love that he’s asking it.

He’s not asking it as a member of the 73-9 Warriors. He’s not on the Durant Warriors anymore. He’s on a solid team, middle of the pack by every definition of the phrase. And he’s still taking up for the rest of the League. He’s saying this directly to Adam Silver. He’s fined him before, go ahead and fine him again. As long as he’s got a microphone and an audience he’ll keep taking a shit and wiping his ass with your fine letters. If anything, quotes like this are only upping the offer from TNT when Draymond hangs ‘em up and goes on to his second career as an analyst.