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A Sad Day For All: Genie Bouchard and Steelers Backup QB Mason Rudolph Are Instagram Official

Son of a bitch, the rumors have unfortunately been confirmed true. Steelers backup QB Mason Rudolph, known famously for almost dying on the field at the hands of Myles Garrett, is IG official with Genie Bouchard. You could read the tealeaves over the last few months but nothing was concrete done deal. Now we're there people. As human beings were are accustomed to disappointment. Coming up short is the normal for most of us. The ol' why can't it be us is usually just a pipe dream that ends in failure. Well, the hope of one of us catching the eye of Genie Bouchard is dead…for now. 

Now while I have no hatred towards the Steelers or Oklahoma State, really Genie? Mason Rudolph? Sure he's kinda good looking, kinda tall, kinda has good genes and all, kinda plays in the NFL, but I mean we couldn't have done better than this guy? 

I guess love is love, and I'm happy for her. Sorta. At least it's not Bob Menery, right? At least we have that. Best of luck to these two (*whispers fuck you Mason)