Well It Looks And Sounds Like Fernando Tatis Jr Is Already In Mid-Season Form

Listen to that sound, just listen to it. This was from a few days ago when Fernando Tatis Jr was in a Dominican Republic game getting in some hacks. Position players report to camp in the next few days, with pitchers and catchers for some teams reporting today, but I think this clip is enough to hold me over for a little bit. We've had nothing but ice and snow for the last 2 weeks on the east coast so this warm weather, bomb dropping, piss missile, long dong hitting video is what we all need. 

Tatis Jr smokes this ball to left center and that noise is insane. Like a bomb going off. I know we talk about it a lot but the ball sounds so different off his bat. Love the HR trot too. Nice and slow, don't want to pull anything before camp starts. They should have let him do the beer league rules, just hit it and go back to the dugout, no need to run it out. Tatis Jr hits the ball so far the first baseman pulls a LLWS move and give him props. Love the commentary too, "buh bye!". He's going to be the straw that stirs the Padres' drink this season, and man I can't wait to watch. Shouldn't take him too long to get into game shape either, seems like he's ready to go by the looks of it.