Must See Video: Three Baby Triplets Talking to Some Invisible Entity in Their Room is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Daily Mail - The creepy conversation between two-year-old triplets and a 'ghost' in their room was captured on a baby monitor as their mother reveals the young girls claim to have seen a 'monster'.

Caitlin Nichols, 25, said she overheard her triplets Presley, Millie, and Hays screaming and arguing with each other in their Georgia home on January 26.

When she checked the baby monitor, the girls appeared to be speaking to an unseen figure by the wall.

Nichols said her daughters have not interacted with whatever they see on the wall in the same way since, but that they have woken up in the middle of the night claiming to see a monster in the exact same spot. 

In the spooky footage, the three girls are out of bed and looking at the same wall.

One of the girls points at something she sees there and the other two run over.

The first little girl runs over to the opposite wall and back twice, appearing to shake her fist at some thing she sees and shouts 'in your face'. ...

'You like our beds?' one of the girls shouts, and the other screams: 'You have a problem'. 

Nichols has said that despite the screaming and hiding, she believes that her daughters were playing in the five-minute clip.

'We've had a couple of other spooky encounters before, like the girls' toys going off while they are asleep, so this isn't the first,' she admitted.

Far be it for me to tell Caitlin Nichols how to raise her children. But is she freaking kidding us with this "she believes that her daughters were playing" ragtime? I've raised two boys of my own and while they played together, they never once saw the same imaginary figure, much less ran around the room talking to it for five straight minutes. Hers are not only interacting with whatever they were seeing, they're talking smack to it. They're saying things to some sort of entity from beyond our understanding in a way that would get them 15 yards and a warning for taunting in the NFL. That's not playing; that's asking for trouble. 

And how do you just dismiss the toys going off in the middle of the night thing? That is straight out of the poltergeist handbook. Day One stuff in haunting school, right after they hand out the syllabus. 

By way of full disclosure, I've never experienced anything along the lines of a haunting. But some of the smartest, most rational people I know most definitely have witnessed such things. Without naming names, a loved one was driving home from work late at night along the seacoast and every half a mile or so would see different people trying to cross the road toward the oceans side. Only after the fact did she find out such sightings are common and blamed on the fact a cemetery was moved to build the highway. Another family member was on a tour of a historic house down South on a hot, muggy day and thought it was odd they had a girl walking around in heavy woolen period costume. He mentioned that to someone later on and was told they have no such girl working for them, but she's constantly being seen around the place. And one time a friend was having a problem with weird noises and stuff being moved around in her attic. The stuff turned out to be a trunk belonging to a beloved late aunt. Someone advised her to go up the stairs and say out loud, "You're welcome to stay, but the things you're doing are scaring us and the kids so we need to you stop." It felt weird, but she did. And the noises and shenanigans stopped. Make of these what you will, but these people know what they experienced.

My point being that don't be so quick to dismiss what was captured on that baby monitor just because these triplets are only 2 years old. People who know about such things often say that children and animals are extremely perceptive when it comes to visitations of this sort. And I don't care what I paid for that house or how much I owe on it, I'd have noped right out of there the minute my daughters started getting into a verbal beef with a spot on the wall. 

At least I think so. I could be wrong because like Eddie Murphy said so perfectly 35 years ago, sticking around a haunted house is just one of those things white folks do.