Leave It To Coach Mike Leach To Have The Best Take On DeflateGate

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Fucking love Mike Leach. Absolute travesty that he’s stuck up in Washington State, banished to a mediocre program far out of the public eye. Should be head ball coach at an SEC school with a camera planted on him 24/7 and a Hard Knocks style show. Insanely quotable, always a total trip, just nonstop never-ending entertainment. Seriously leave it to him to have the best take on DeflateGate. We’re worried about the air in footballs? Does Kim Kardashian even have a diploma? Did Khloe even serve in the military? SMDH. Get a grip America.

Mike Leach – stuffing Craig James’ pussy son in a woodshed, dropping fire social commentary. All in a life’s work.

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Can consider inducting this quote into the Mike Leach Top 8 Life Moments-


1) Fat Little Girlfriends rant



2) Dating Tips




3) Long ass Baylor rant




4) Somebody took our lunch money




5) Mike Leach does the weather




6) Mike Leach the Eagle Scout and Pine Cone War soldier



7) Mike Leach says Lubbock is so savage he can’t guarantee other teams won’t get scalped




8) Mike Leach in Friday Night Lights