I’m Going to be on the NXT Takeover Preshow Tonight, and I’m Terrified

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It’s about time.

I’m 41, dashingly handsome and have been the slowest-rising star at Barstool for two years. Finally, somebody else gets to benefit from my delectrifying onscreen personality.

Tonight, I’m NXT.

I’ll be on the NXT Takeover preshow ahead of Vengeance Day tonight. The preshow starts at 6:30 ET on the WWE Network, the free version.

If you’re not familiar with NXT, it is the third brand under the WWE umbrella along with Raw and Smackdown. While serving as a developmental arm of the company, it long ago shed the label of stepping stone, as NXT Takeovers have become the most consistently awesome form of entertainment in the wrestling world.

I started Rasslin two months ago to celebrate my lifetime of being a fan and to shine a spotlight on the great work being done today. The main event will be NXT champ Finn Balor defending against Pete Dunne, who uses a beautifully violent style of wrestling.

Am I nervous? Yes.

Am I gonna fail? Probably.

But is it gonna be freakin’ awesome? Hell yes.

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