Kamaru Usman Racks Up Another Successful Title Defense And Calls Jorge Masvidal Out For A Rematch

Kamaru Usman once again showed why he is the greatest fighter in the world at 170lbs last night at UFC 258, when he TKO'd former teammate Gilbert Burns in the third round of their main event and broke the record for most consecutive victories (13) in the history of the division. He demanded some respect be put on his name immediately afterwards, and I think at this point - he's earned it.

I actually missed out on watching this fight live due to ESPN+ issues (and when I tried to access the fight in....other ways....the WiFi at the AirBNB I'm in crapped out), so I had to play catch up this morning, but I'm certainly glad I did - because that fight kinda fuckin ruled! 

I mean, Burns definitely had Usman ROCKED, and then (admittedly) didn't know what to do next....

....but seeing Kamaru put on a championship display like that again was just awesome.

Afterwards, he called out Jorge Masvidal for a rematch, saying that he's been running his mouth ever since getting foot-stomped into defeat this Summer, calling himself "Street Jesus", and seemingly wants to coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter against him! He figures this way, Masvidal no longer has the built-in excuse of accepting the fight on 6 days notice (and also wants that Masvidal payday again).

I know a lot of hardcore MMA fans/people in the media are against this, because Masvidal probably doesn't "deserve" it over some of these other guys or whatever, but I don't care personally - that sounds awesome content to me. 

Usman's obviously way less cringe than Colby Covington on the mic, as well, so we'd probably get a better season of shit talk with him in there against Masvidal anyway. I'm waaaay in for those guys attempting to revive TUF.