Illinois Survives Winless Nebraska

Whatever. There's your obligatory highlight en route to me telling you Ayo Dosunmu has dominated yet another Big Ten game en route to winning player of the year over Luka Garza. Massive game that everyone saw coming blah blah blah. 

Normally at this point though I'd drag Nebraska's program. Maybe tell you guys how good Illinois is and how underrated we are and have a chip on my shoulder in the process. It's a lot easier to write those blogs because my team has been dog shit for the better part of a decade. 

Instead though I'd rather just say credit to Nebraska for playing their dicks off. My heart sank when Hoiberg threw his mask because you know at 0-8 in conference that guy is literally just DYING for a prayer to build some success. This is his big chance for the 2021 season to have some kind of value and his guys can't even get a shot up with 16 seconds left. That was tough to watch if you aren't completely out on Fred Hoiberg as a human being. 

The guys on Nebraska probably have to put up with a lot of shit when you're winless in conference. No respect on campus. Nobody ever cares about your team, really. You fired a successful Tim Miles to bring in an extremely expensive coach and now you're 10 steps back. The seniors that have had to go through all this bullshit needed this win so bad tonight and they don't get it. They were sooooo fucking close and instead it's just a Good Game. Good Effort. Nice Try kinda thing. 

Sucks to be Nebraska tonight. Obviously it's great to be Illinois but man it would suck to be Nebraska. 

Next game Tuesday night at home against Northwestern. You can't set that spread high enough. Fucking shame we can't bet on it JB.