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'Paranormal Activity' Is Getting A Reboot, Why?

Filmmaker Will Eubank and Happy Death Day’s Christopher Landon are teaming up for the reinvention of supernatural horror franchise, Paranormal Activity.

Eubank, who last directed the Kristen Stewart thriller Underwater, is attached to direct while Landon, a Paranormal stalwart who wrote four of the previous movies before going on to become a hit horror director in his own right, will pen the script for what is being described by insiders as an "unexpected retooling" of the franchise, being made by Paramount Players.

Paranormal activity was admittedly a cultural phenomenon.The novelty of the found-footage horror genre was seemingly one-and-done after the success of The Blair Witch Project, which was admittedly very scary. Seriously, i refused to go in my backyard at night for YEARS after i watched that movie. But Paranormal Activity managed to break that trend, and blaze its own path with a relatively unique storyline and franchise. 

None of the sequels, which were written by Eubank, seemed to match the quality of the first, but they still retained a loyal following. His recent project, Underwater, was also kind of disappointing considering the expectations. On the other hand, Christopher Landon has had an intriguing start to his directing career with the two Happy Death Day movies and 'Freaky', He's established himself as a guy who can do horror-comedy as well as anyone. What does that do for this franchise, though?

Can you make a "funny" Paranormal Activity movie? Can you subvert the found-footage genre with something unique? I don't know how you do it. I'm afraid this ends up a crappy horror sequel, retooling, whatever. But I will always want for there to be more good movies, so I'll hope for the best.