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People Passing Out On Sling Shot Rides Will Never Not Be Funny




Yes!  Love it.  I’ve seen so many of these at this point and it doesn’t even matter.  I laugh every time.  I laugh really hard.  It might sound mean but watching her head just completely rag doll because she can’t handle an amusement park ride is fucking hysterical.  This one was even better than some others because it had a bit of a plot twist.  Had you asked me which girl I thought was gonna pass out I for sure would’ve said the one in the yellow.  No doubt about it.  She had brain dead all over her and looked like she might pass out before they got launched.  She looked nervous AF.  Girl in the black seemed cool as a cucumber.  She was even being strong for her friend.  Tell her that it’s too late and everything was gonna be fine. Then BOOM out like a light.  Just like that.  Twice in 30 seconds.  As funny as it is it has to be terrifying.  That moment when you come back from being out cold and your brain is like, “Fuck. We’re still on this god forsaken thing.  PEACE” and your brain shuts off again.  Classic.  I will laugh at that shit until the end of time.



PS- Cosby joke.