Donovan McNabb May Want To Put Down That Drink Before He Tweets...Or Thinks


Wyatt? Reavis? Sweet Fancy Moses, Donovan. Lay off the booze for one day. You’re a freaking ANALYST ON THE NFL NETWORK. I’m not one to throw stones at glass houses when it comes to making factual statements, but Jesus, the names of superstars JJ Watt and Darrell Revis shouldn’t be that hard to conquer. Not to mention that’s a God awful top-5 to begin with. Rodgers, Brady, Watt, Megatorn then, honestly, I’d go out on a limb and say maybe Antonio Brown or Andrew Luck. Suh would be up there if he didn’t sign that massive deal which might make him go Haynesworth on Miami’s ass. If I had balls I’d put Fletcher Cox in there, but I don’t, so maybe next year. But Revis and Lynch have no business in the Top 5, maybe even Top 10. But, yeah, stop drinking, 5. It’s not a good look.