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Reader Email - UNH Trying To Ban The Word "American" Because It's Offensive To South American's.....Wait What?






Reader Email

Good afternoon Dave/Feits
My name is Sean from UNH I will be a senior this coming fall. Stumbled upon this article this morning while contemplating suicide in my cube and I figured you guys’ would have a field day with it. Basically the PC police at UNH believe that the word “American” is offensive and suggests we use other words instead. I guess I can’t belt out “I’m Proud To Be An American” anymore. To be honest after reading this it really doesn’t make want to either. Link is below.




Of all the crazy shit I’ve heard in my life UNH trying to ban the word American is literally the craziest. It’s so insane I don’t even know how to blog it. There is nothing I can write or say that will accurately describe how preposterous this is. I’m still not even sure I believe it because nobody could be this stupid. I mean if you’re legit offended by the word “American” you should be deported. If you work in the UNH administration you should be fired and deported. If you live in South America and you’re offended you should be deported from South America. There is only one America and it’s us. If you don’t like it go live somewhere else. Just when you think college administrators can’t sink any lower they do the impossible. Pussification of America at it’s finest.

PS – What are the odds Scope had something to do with this? 1,000%