Move Over Cat Lawyer, We've Now Got A Floating Cal Ripken Jr Head In Court


Sorry cat lawyer, your time to shine is over. Now introducing, floating head Cal Ripken Jr. This video comes to us from Cal's wife, Judge Laura Ripken's senate confirmation hearing. She's one of the biggest judges in the state of Maryland so you can say they're a real power couple. I guess in these senate confirmation hearings it is common for the judge's family or spouse to be there for the process. Well Iron Man made his appearance the only way he knows how, sticking his big old bald dome in there and poof. Best part is whatever filter was on the video completely wiped out his body so we only got Cal's head in the shot.

Giphy Images.

He looked like Zordon from Power Rangers, just a floating head out of nowhere. Also has to be pretty intimidating for the other people in that meeting, you're introducing your husband or wife who is just casually working from home, and next thing you know the greatest shortstop in MLB history has no body and his head is floating there starring at you. It had me cracking up because it truly came out of nowhere. And his wife with the purple hair, that I don't know about, but Cal hasn't had to worry about his hair for about 20 years, so he's fine. Overall it was a big week for virtual court meetings, happy Cal was able to have a hand in bringing them back.