Woman Pulled Over Claims Shes A "Free Inhabitant Of The Earth," Above The Law, And Cries Rape During Her Arrest

IJReview Dude Comedy brings us this video of a woman [caution: strong language] who drops some questionable “constitutional” knowledge on a police officer who is trying to tow a vehicle. The woman gets indignant that the police officer would even think of doing such a thing, and then refuses to exit the vehicle, even when the cop offered to “assist” her. The woman resists the officer’s polite insistence that she leave the vehicle, but then finally exits it. The woman is forcibly arrested when trying to leave the scene – having claimed earlier that she doesn’t have to “follow laws.” In the midst of her arrest, the “rape” allegations fly. Fortunately for him, the raucous affair was caught on video.

There is nobody, and I mean NOBODY, worse than the people who think they know the rule book when it comes to cops. When they start citing codes and numbers and letters and shit, cracks me up. Truth be told I dont think anybody knows all those rules. Not the cops, not the criminals, not the lawyers. Not even the judges. The motherfucker who wrote the rule book doesnt even know all the rules.

But theres never been a better example of someone trying to be a know-it-all than this chick right here. Did she cite the Articles of Confederation at one point? I think she was about to throw the Gettysburg Address at the cop at one point. Some By The People, For The People not perishing from this earth type of shit.

Nobody knows what the original traffic stop was for. Who know what was right and wrong. I dont want to get into a while big thing here. I just think its hilarious when people – both the cop and the chick – try to talk all proper and serious. Its like Charlie Kelly talking Bird Law. “Well I am a superior, in a sense” cracked me up. Cop seemed to be as polite and logical as he could and he had some loony tunes chick talking about how shes a member of the planet earth that cant be governed by anything or anyone. Love when the cop was like “Well then that would be anarchy?” Like there are just no rules for anyone! I’m on earth, not America! Rules dont apply to me!

Obviously crying rape and she was removed from the car was just simply preposterous but I love when the cop was like “This is compliance, this isnt supposed to be comfortable.”