Sign Me All The Way Up For The Upcoming 'Inside The NBA' Documentary

As someone who has blogged countless basketball documentary blogs, I can't lie when I say this is probably one I'm most excited for. Remember when that trailer above dropped about a year ago announcing that this was going to be a thing? Well, we got another one yesterday

If you're a basketball and NBA fan, how could you not be excited about this? Inside The NBA has been around essentially my entire life, it's one of the most iconic sports shows of all time. Shit, you could argue that it's one of the greatest overall television shows of all time regardless of genre and I won't call you crazy. I truly believe there will never be anything like it ever again. Has there ever been a truer statement than this tweet?

I say no. 

Even if it's somewhat annoying that Shaq can't stop hating on today's players and doesn't really seem like he pays all that close attention to what's actually happening, the show is still wildly entertaining. If you're telling me we are going to get some behind the scenes footage, hundreds of interviews that will without a doubt give us a some all time stories, I don't see how this isn't a fantastic documentary. 

So clear your calendars for March 4th. That's only a stones throw away, it'll be here before you know it. Can't wait.