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The NFL Season Is Officially Over Now That The Bad Lip Reading Of 2021 Has Been Released

I don't care what some calendar at the league office where the Brady 4 got arrested says when the NFL season starts and ends. In my mind, everything in the NFL begins when that first Hard Knocks promo comes on with one of the best songs in sports and it ends with a bunch of nonsense being spewed in the Bad Lip Reading video from the last year. The draft, training camp, and preseason games can all be seen as different beginnings. But the season is never truly over until the Bad Lip Reading video comes out, likely as Tom Brady is holding the Lombardi Trophy in another championship parade. I'll probably blog these videos as long as they entertain me, which will be as long as my dumb ass is here at Barstool. However, they now make me a whole lot sadder realizing there is a giant football hole in my soul until I start watching YouTube videos of college players I've never heard of and convince myself they are going to be Hall of Famers just because the Giants drafted them.

Despite all that, the joy on Adrian Peterson's face when he finds out he is getting an orange peanut will always make me smile.