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The Best Australian Rugby Player Jarryd Hayne Has Quit Rugby And Is Coming To the USA To Try and Play in the NFL


ESPN - Australian superstar Jarryd Hayne quit his rugby league team Wednesday in order to pursue a career in the NFL. The Australian international, who won the National Rugby League’s highest individual accolade — the Dally M Medal — for a second time just last month, has been given a conditional release by his club, the Parramatta Eels, in order to follow his NFL dream. Hayne, 26, said he could not let the opportunity to play in the NFL pass him by. “For the past 24 months I’ve been thinking about having a crack in the NFL, and over the last 12 months I’ve been seriously considering it,” Hayne said in a letter published on the Eels’ website. “Today I can officially announce that I will be heading to the United States to pursue an opportunity to play American Football.” Most Australians to try their hands in the NFL have been punters, but as a speedy rugby league player, it’s likely the 6-foot-2, 220-pound Hayne is thinking about a position that involves a little more contact. Renowned for his acceleration, Hayne said he believes he has the skills to make it as either a punt returner or kick returner. “I believe I have the speed, I’m a quick learner, I feel things out really quickly,” he said. “I have no doubt it’s going to be tough. Ultimately it’s a 12-month plan, going over there and trying to make a train-on team. For me to do that I need to start preparing for that around January or February.” In June, Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush told Fox Sports Australia that Hayne could play in the NFL immediately if he ever switched sports. “He actually looks like an NFL running back. Looks like he could come play with us tomorrow,” Bush said when shown video of Hayne in action. “He’s fast, strong and … wow! Look at that hit. That’s an NFL football hit. I like this guy.” Hayne walked away from one of the highest-paying rugby league contracts in the world. He visited the United States in September to look at the Seattle Seahawks and University of Washington’s facilities on a study trip with the Eels. “It’s always been a dream of mine to play in the NFL, and at my age, this is my one and only chance at having a crack at playing there,” Hayne wrote. Hayne’s agent, Wayne Beavis, told The Associated Press that his player’s “power and speed” make Hayne perfect for the NFL and “he’ll even be able to wear a helmet and pads.” In rugby league, no helmets are worn and shoulder gear is lightweight and optional.


Few trains of thought here: 1) What a fucking idiot. You’re the best in the world at rugby, stick to living in Australia, plowing smokes, and cashing big fat Australian contracts. Why make life difficult for yourself? The guy is living the dream. At the top of his sport. No need to pull a Michael Jordan. No need to be a hero. When you’re the best at what you do, continue being the best at what you do. Then train of thought 2) Brock Lesnar in his prime woke up one day and decided he wanted to be the UFC heavyweight champion. So he rolled out of bed and 6 months later was the UFC heavyweight champion. He then decided he wanted to play in the NFL and he couldn’t even get close to making it. He’s one of the most athletic and tough people in the entire world and couldn’t even sniff a contract. So it’s pretty cocky for this rugby guy to think he can just waltz in and start taking NFL jobs. I dig his arrogance but I’m not sold on it. Which leads to train number 3) good for him. Must be so nice to be so good at rugby and have so much money from it that you can just quit and pursue the dream of playing in the NFL. Most days I don’t even pursue my dream of eating breakfast, and he’s changing his entire life to chase the goal of playing in a pretty shitty league, by all standards. The NFL fucking blows unless you’re big into dying young and non-guaranteed contracts. But hey, a dream’s a dream. He’s the young actor who wants to go see if he can make it in Hollywood. Can’t knock the hustle. So we’ll just keep an eye on him and see what happens. He looks like he has the size and speed, but the NFL is nearly impossible to play in. I’m intrigued but if I had to vote if he’s going to make it, I say no.