Hopefully Drew Storen Has Calmed Down And Realized Bringing In Papelbon Is What Is Best For Business

Look. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to get paid. That’s why Papelbon didn’t want to come here to be a setup man, that’s why Storen wants to remain as the closer. But Storen has already proven his worth as a closer. He’s going to get paid handsomely when he leaves as a free agent. He’s 27/29 in save opportunities this year with a 1.73 ERA. Last year he had a lights out 1.12 ERA. And yet, Rizzo still went out and brought in Papelbon. Why? Because it makes the team better. The Nats bullpen has been shaky this year. Having Pap and Storen staring down the opposition after Scherzer or Zim or Gio pitches 7 strong innings will make opponent shit their pants. I get Storen being pissed about being demoted. But I wish he wouldn’t look at it like that. As Barry Svrluga (mix in a vowel bro) of the Post points out, Wade Davis of the Royals might very well be the best reliever in the game and he pitches the 8th. Darren O’Day and Dellin Betances are well known for their dominance in the 8th. In the time of specialty pitching, the closers get the glory, but the setup guy gets them there. Bubba Ray couldn’t put Edge through a table without Devon picking him up first, the same way a closer can’t get a save without the setup man getting a hold.


So hopefully Storen calms down, mans up, doesn’t start demanding trades, and realizes he can be a part of something special here in DC. Then after the season goes and gets paid out his ass somewhere else like he deserves. If not, and drama starts building in the clubhouse, this could be a nightmare. But I’m thinking (hoping/praying) it’s going to the be the former and not the latter.