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Rate This Vodka Sam Song



Well if you didn’t know before, you know now.  Iowa is the hip hop mecca of the world.  Just dropping absolute bangers like this on people’s heads when they least expect it.  Move over Drake and Rick Ross.  These dudes from Cedar Rapids, Iowa just stole all of your shine.  Oh, you’re wondering why this song is just coming out now when the whole Vodka Samm thing happened back in September and nobody cares anymore?  Well, I don’t have an answer for that  I really don’t.  Makes zero sense.  Just know that the hip hop crown now resides in the Midwest with no signs of giving it up.  We’re taking all challenegers.

Let’s vote on this song.  Vote 1 for This Song Is Downright Awful and Vote 10 for This Song Is Something Something Something Fire Flames

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