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Bruce Arians' Super Bowl Parade Speech Was The Perfect Mix Of Hype And Curses Before The News Station Cut Away From Him

That right there is a man who has made a speech or 2000 with an ice cold light domestic adult beverage in his hand. Calm, cool, collected, hitting almost all the major curses, and jokingly threatening to kick the ass of someone that is much bigger than him. 

You gotta love the news crew realizing Bruce Arians was going to curse no matter what and there was nothing they could do to stop them. You think Bruce Arians gives a shit about a network's language policy? Bruce Arians doesn't give a fuck about that type of stuff in the preseason, let alone while celebrating winning the Super Bowl after a full day of partying. I don't think you can actually get the name Bruce unless you have that type of outlook on life. Your parents can write the name Bruce on your birth certificate and all that. But unless you grow into a bad motherfucker capable of rocking a Kangol, goatee, and sunglasses in any weather, you can have that name taken away as easy as its given to you. Bruce Arians however is as Bruce as they get.

Speaking of which, I think this means that Chris Godwin is a Buc whether or not he wants to be next year because nobody from Godwin to his agent to Roger Goodell is going to tell Bruce Arians "No".