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Tom Brady Just Has Sea Legs, Not Hammered. Alternate Camera Angle Proves It.

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

This video of what appears to be an intoxicated Tom Brady is making it's rounds today:

While it's certainly possible, I'd say it isn't likely. Why? Tom Brady not only plays like a Champion, he drinks like one too: 

With the TB12 Method, Tom drinks at least 150 oz. of water a day. Gronk clearly brought enough for both of them, so I'm pretty sure my guy is well hydrated.

Also, an alternative angle has come out of Tom getting off the boat and looking completely fine:

But if you are gonna party, do it in some Tom Brady merch, like a lot of Super Bowl Champion Bucs are today:

Get yours here: 

And the rest of the Buccaneers Super Bowl merch here: