The Fact This Diver Stumbled Upon Real Life Shipwreck Treasure Worth $1 Million Blows My Mind

Washington Times - A family found a rare collection of gold coins — worth a total of $1 million — from a 1715 shipwreck off the Florida coast. The Schmitt family found a coin made specifically for the king of Spain, Phillip V, along with dozens more, Brent Brisben of 1715 Fleet — Queens Jewels LLC told Florida Today. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” a diver from the expedition can be heard screaming into his mask during video uploaded by the website on July 27.  “The treasure was actually found a month ago,” Mr. Brisben told the website. He added that keeping the news a secret for so long was “particularly hard for the family that found it. They’ve been beside themselves. … We’re going to be on Fox News on Wednesday morning. Camera crews did some filming for the ‘Today’ show Monday morning.” The Schmitt family, who are subcontractors to 1715 Fleet — Queens Jewels, also found treasure off Fort Pierce in 2013 and 2014, Florida Today reported. Members found 50 feet of gold chain and a gold-filigree pyx, or frame. The treasure is a small part of coinage from 11 ships that sank with the queen’s jewels during a hurricane. Mr. Brisben said that there is estimated to be another $400 million worth of treasure waiting to be found.


The fact there is real life treasure out there just waiting to be found makes me so happy that if this is fake and they planted those coins I will find this guy and I will kill him. There is nothing cooler than finding pirate treasure. Shit, finding anything is awesome. Finding a 5 dollar bill in a jacket you haven’t worn since last year feels like the 4th of July, imagine the feeling of finding a million dollars worth of gold coins pirate chains from a shipwreck. You can hear him cumming the whole time.

But video taping this and putting it on the Internet is so dumb. You keep this to yourself and within the treasure hunting community. You get back on your vessel and sail the high seas with your plunder, not upload it onto YouTube. You don’t need the family of Phillip V coming after you trying to loot your gold if they aren’t jumping onto your boat and taking it themselves.

PS: Kinda makes me feel the psychos at the beach with the metal detectors maybe aren’t the crazy ones,we’re the crazy ones for sitting on the beach when there’s buried treasure to be found. Really makes you think.