Everyone Was Having a Great Time At The Bucs Boat Parade Until Scotty Miller Dropped Chris Godwin's Phone In The Water Like An Asshole

Just fucked up man. Everyone out here enjoying the Bucs boat parade that looks AWESOME and here comes Scotty Miller dropping Chris Godwin's phone in the water. Unforgiveable. You're a wide receiver, man. Your job is to literally catch and hold onto things. Also denying it after? Motherfucker is wasted off of 2 Miller Lites and trying to say he didn't do this. Come on now. No one likes the guy who blames anyone but himself. 

Godwin is a free agent and getting that bag in the offseason, but he doesn't have it yet! Day ruiner. Day ruined by a guy who looks like he was pushing everyone to buy Verve/Veema energy drinks in middle school and pleading that it was definitely NOT a pyramid scheme. You could buy your own car and be your own boss! Did everyone realize this is what Scotty Miller looks like? 

Anyways Godwin's day just flipped on its head. Not only is his phone gone and he can't take videos of partying on a boat after winning the Super Bowl with Tom Brady, but you really wanna go 10 minutes without returning your woman's text messages while you're out celebrating? This woman? 

Absolutely fucking not. Better off hopping off the boat and swimming home to avoid any further trouble. T's and P's. Fucking Scotty Miller.